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Society of Emeritus Professors & Retired Scholars

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  • “It is a joy and privilege to find opportunities for other islander students to prepare for careers in science.

    SACNAS elects UOG's Austin Shelton to the national board

  • Ana Joy Mendez recognized early on that the pandemic would take a different kind of toll.

    Self-care in health care: A UOG nursing professor’s drive to help medical providers help themselves

  • Tritons share why they’re passionate about their health-related major or profession and helping others.

    Tritons Making an Impact: Health & Welfare

  • The book is dedicated to all indigenous students, researchers, and scholars throughout Oceania.

    UOG community publishes book on indigenous education

  • The UOG Faculty Biennial exhibit will be open to the public and for group tours until Jan. 28.

    Faculty art exhibit opens at Isla Center for the Arts

  • Photo of Lorenzo Eduvala

    Adviser Lorenzo Eduvala wins national award for high impact on first-year student success

  • Photo of Dr. Shahram Khosrowpanah

    A father of firsts for UOG, Engineering Dean 'Dr. K' makes this year his last

  • UOG public-impact project to uncover and preserve less-documented World War II sites in Chuuk

  • Students came to know Smith for his jokes and stunts during lectures, but there was always a lesson.

    An inspirational professor brings his 30-year teaching career to a close

  • When Velma Sablan was offered a stateside position after finishing her master’s, she recalled an important conversation and opted to return home instead.

    Going against the brain drain: Velma Sablan’s 30-year commitment to training Guam’s teachers